Join me as I kick off a new 4-part masterclass series on credit, hosted by the NEFA Education Committee. I draw on advisory experience in this industry to present the first of this series - Credit: The Big Picture.

This educational series is great for credit people and non-credit people alike. Whether you’re in finance, sales, or administration, understanding more about credit will help you find and identify how your role affects company health, and how you can assist in improving overall company profitability.

This session focuses on understanding credit, how it’s put together, and how it works to create company specific credit products. My lecture takes a look at the history of credit, types of credit models, why the credit process is important, understanding risk, and how to understand and strategize for charge-offs/loss.

Explore the bigger picture with me – increase your understanding of not only how credit works, but how it affects the growth and profitability of finance companies. Here we consider some top-line issues that are key to not only informing how equipment finance companies can survive, but create a stronger framework to make money and see growth.

Watch the first course now:

Credit: The Big Picture

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