Rinaldi Advisory Services, and the select group of other advisory firms it collaborates with, provide guidance to independent lessors, financial institutions, industry service providers, manufacturers, and international firms entering the U.S. equipment finance marketplace. Over the course of our careers we have worked with a majority of the most prominent lenders in our industry.

As growth strategists first and foremost, we counsel clientele from the position of objective advisors, board members, and/or confidential resources for principals, CEOs and other C-level executives. We advise on growth, credit/risk, funding, staffing, automation and other areas, based on the strategic life-cycle needs of the client, whether envisioning and implementing a business model, moving to the next level, resolving a crisis/problem, or driving toward an exit strategy.

Our mission is to help industry participants see their businesses from the outside looking in, to both optimize the existing business and grow it.

Your RAS Team

The Strategic Alliance is made up of independent advisors from Rinaldi Advisory Services and its peers. Through this collaboration, our clients benefit from access to a variety of talents under one roof who, together, cover the spectrum of expertise required by the multidisciplinary business that is equipment finance today.

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