Rinaldi Advisory Services helps banks to better understand, enter, and succeed in the specialty lending sector of equipment finance. And we help owners of equipment finance companies develop a bank-ready exit strategy that drives sale premium.

For Banks

Equipment Finance Industry Ready

We provide strategic support to community bank CEOs aimed at implementing an equipment finance program within the bank. We work with bank CEOs to identify sectors and scenarios most appropriate for your bank, analyze and advise on M&A scenarios, develop strategic & operational plans, and monitor, advise, and assist in the implementation.

CCR: Confidential CEO Resource: Banks

Work one-on-one with an advisor. Gain meaningful analysis and actionable insights with an eye toward driving C&I asset growth while managing risk.

For Equipment Finance Companies


Bank-ready is our process that prepares your leasing company to attract interest by financial institutions, and prepares your team and operations to pass the scrutiny of bank due diligence prior to, during, and after a sale process. At its core, bank-ready is an exit strategy that acknowledges the reality that a bank will be an equipment finance company’s most likely exit partner. We help improve the key areas that an ideal buyer will find most valuable, allowing you to attract multiple suitors that can pay a premium for the value you’ve built.

CCR: Confidential CEO Resource: Equipment Finance Leaders

Robust advisor access with long-term strategic planning and support for independent lessors at an affordable fixed monthly cost. No nickel and diming for extraneous fees or billable hours.

C3A: CEO’s Confidential Company Analyst: Equipment Finance Leaders

Meaningful analysis and actionable insights with an eye toward managing growth, operational and financial efficiencies for smaller independent equipment finance businesses doing less than $30 million per year in annual new business volume.

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