Confidential Company Analyst (C3A)

Meaningful analysis and actionable insights with an eye toward managing growth, operational and financial efficiencies

Small to medium-sized equipment finance businesses—doing less than $30 million per year in annual new business volume—tend to work in a vacuum. This often results in missed opportunities for maximizing profitability and enterprise value.

Partnering with the RAS/ECS team and its C3A: CEO’s Confidential Company Analyst℠ services will enable you to arrive at strategic and tactical decisions geared toward managing growth as well as operational and financial efficiencies.

On our end, we will gain a thorough ongoing understanding of your business. One hour each month we will provide you with our analysis and wisdom gained through decades of first-hand experience.

Our unique C3A services will enable you to see the forest, not just the trees. Your investors will be rewarded, and your funding partners will be more amenable to lend as a result.

If you’re looking for a more robust, full-scope service than C3A, you might wish to consider our CCR product: the Confidential CEO Resource℠.

  • Big picture trend analysis
  • Monthly KPI analysis
  • Historical metrics with charts
  • Evaluate your business's data
  • Current charts, graphs, and slides
  • One hour each month with the RAS/ECS team
  • Access to ECS and the RAS Alliance Network

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Why partner with the RAS/ECS team?

  • CEOs are singular, resulting in the need for individualized business plans and product specialties
  • CEOs need to be heads down to move the business along while also keeping abreast of the trends in their marketplace
  • CEOs often just can’t make enough time for the big picture work. RAS/ECS can be that extra resource to fill that gap
  • CEOs need access to high quality and strategically focused presentation materials
  • CEOs can gain sustainable advantages for their business using the resources that RAS/ECS can provide