Confidential CEO Resource (CCR®)

Robust advisor access with long-term strategic planning and support

The Confidential CEO Resource℠ (CCR®) is a robust, full-scope advisory service that provides clients with a broad base of support for long-term strategic management.

We work with CEOs to provide meaningful analysis and actionable insights. Our aim is to help you arrive at strategic and tactical decisions geared toward managing growth as well as operational and financial efficiencies.

Why partner with us? Every community bank is unique. So is its CEO.

The Rinaldi Advisory Services team is made up of actual practitioner CEOs and principals of independent leasing companies that have exited to community banks or started and ran leasing companies for community banks.

We understand the inherent institutional immune system that defends against innovation or doing anything different.

Capitalize on our experience.
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CCR® Scope of Work

The following is included with our CCR® service agreement

  • Current scope of the equipment leasing and finance industry to appropriate Client stakeholders
  • Educate client on the most appropriate leasing segments and environments, outlining size, characteristics, opportunities, and risks
  • Analysis of sectors that both Advisor and Client find most appropriate
  • Outline business model alternatives for sectors of interest, including:
    • Purchase of an existing operation
    • “Lift out” type scenario
    • “Build” scenario
    • “Capital markets” model
    • Regional versus national market
  • High-level financial impact under various scenarios, including:
    • Investment
    • IRR under different scenarios
    • Pro forma P&L
    • Credit metrics
  • Required systems, staffing, and compliance requirements
  • Other analyses as needed