Bank Ready

Bank-ready is our process that prepares your leasing company to attract interest by financial institutions, and prepares your team and operations to pass the scrutiny of bank due diligence prior to, during, and after a sale process.

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What to Expect

At its core, bank-ready is an exit strategy that acknowledges the reality that a bank will be an equipment finance company leader’s most likely exit partner. We help improve your leasing company in the key areas that an ideal buyer will find most valuable, allowing you to attract multiple suitors that can pay a premium for the value you’ve built..

Step 1: Identify the Goal

RAS starts with in-depth research into your company and your aspirations. We assess if your aspirations can be realized given the facts of the business. In other words “fit to mission”

Step 2: Evaluate Readiness

Providing Step 1 confirms there is fit to mission, RAS then digs into the company; its structure, operational capabilities, scalability of your leasing model, and a whole lot more. Step 2 generates a “gap” analysis between the company’s current state and a bank-ready state.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Step 3 develops the plan to get the company to bank-ready by eliminating the GAP in step 2.

Step 4: Execute the Plan

Step 4 is the execution of the plan developed in step 3. At the end of Step 4 you are bank ready in so far as you can begin to test the market or start the sale process.

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