Confidential CEO Resource (CCR®)

Robust advisor access with long-term strategic planning and support

Confidential CEO Resource (CCR®) is a robust, full-scope advisory service designed specifically for lessors with greater than $30 million per year in annual new business volume. CCR® provides clients with a broad base of support for long-term strategic management.

We work with CEOs to provide meaningful analysis and actionable insights. Our aim is to help you arrive at strategic and tactical decisions geared toward managing growth as well as operational and financial efficiencies.

  • Comprehensive deck of metrics and historical trend analysis
    • Big picture trend analysis
    • Monthly KPI analysis
    • Historical metrics
    • Charts, graphs, and slides
  • 5-6 hours per month with Bob Rinaldi (additional access as needed)
  • Strategic planning
    • Asset and income growth
    • Future exit strategy development
  • Formalizing and/or updating policies, procedures, and benchmarks
  • Developing additional funding sources and/or lines of credit
  • Executive collaboration on the business issues of the day
  • Access to and use of the RAS network

CCR Scope of Work

The following is included with our CCR® service agreement. Compare to our C3A® service to decide what’s right for you.

  • Review of Client financials, processes, policies, and procedures—both historic and current
  • Develop and present a set of key financial metrics, charts, and graphs for the business that include a historical look at the business to present
  • Short review of each month’s financial performance to occur during live monthly conversations between Client and Advisor
  • Develop a formal pitch deck for funding sources, investors, etc. that will be updated monthly with charts and graphs of key financial performance indicators
  • Develop 3-year strategic plan
  • Development of Client’s documented policies and procedures
  • Quarterly review of each past quarter
  • Modifications to the strategic plan as necessary
  • Gap analysis between current and defined future end state, as determined by strategic plan
  • Growth-and-Innovation sessions every 6 months, and progress on defined results of each, which will occur in person at a mutually agreed upon date and time
  • Access to Bob Rinaldi as needed

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Why partner with us?

  • CEOs are singular, resulting in the need for individualized business plans and product specialties
  • CEOs need to be heads down to move the business along while also keeping abreast of the trends in their marketplace
  • CEOs often just can’t make enough time for the big picture work. We can be that extra resource to fill that gap
  • CEOs need access to high quality and strategically focused presentation materials
  • CEOs can gain sustainable advantages for their business using the resources that we can provide