Peter announces his soon-to-be bestseller "Disunited Nations" and provides a preview that is absolutely relevent to current events along with how to prepare for what is coming.

Peter is an expert in geopolitics, a prescient sage, albeit young, who has an uncanny way of simplifying the seemingly complex and sometimes insane world we live in.  He answers the questions of “where is this or that country going in the near future?”

Part 1:  Introduction to Peter Zeihan

Peter provides some context for his new book “Disunited Nations”

Part 2:  Future of Europe’s Social Democracies

What is the fate of most of Europe’s social democracies and why do you think young people in the US seem to be attracted to a geriatric socialist running for President?

Part 3:  Future of the many paranoid governing countries

What is prognosis for the thugitarian regimes like Iran, China, Russia, etc…?

Part 4: Coronavirus – Precursor to what is to come for China?

As always, Peter has an interesting take on this topic that everyone should find fascinating and surprising.

Part 5: Is there anything positive to live for? LOL

Ok so bottom line how F’d are we and what does that mean for us, our children and theirs?

Part 6: Peter’s writing and speaking style and how to keep abreast of his periodic commentaries.

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