About Michael Varney

Michael Varney, a top-tier contract CTO, to RAS Alliance with extensive experience and unique skill set in banking and finance. Michael makes a significant impact for our clients, particularly smaller scale regulated lessors, as few possess this skillset and most cannot afford a full-time CTO.

His addition to the RAS Network Alliance is a testament to our commitment to providing top solutions, talent, and services for our clientele. Together we will continue driving growth for independent and bank-owned equipment finance companies.

Our clients benefit from

  • Deep industry expertise: Michael’s experience in equipment finance provides essential insights, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Streamlined processes: He optimizes equipment finance processes, leveraging technology to reduce paperwork, automate workflows, and accelerate application processing and deal closing.
  • Innovation: Michael drives creativity and innovation within organizations, leading to the development of new products, services, financing models, and customized equipment solutions.
  • Cost savings: By pinpointing cost-saving opportunities, Michael enables businesses to reduce expenses and boost profitability in a competitive equipment finance market.
  • Better customer experiences: Michael leverages technology to improve communication, deliver efficient and transparent loan processing, and offer personalized service to customers.

Key Services Provided by Michael Varney:

  • Technology Strategy Alignment
  • Platform Modernization
  • Data and Analytics Strategy
  • Project Leadership
  • Value Creation
  • UI/UX Design and Optimization
  • Tech ROI Optimization
  • Digital Sales Channel Optimization
  • Next Generation Customer Acquisition Strategy


Michael is a proven technology executive with over 23 years of IT leadership experience within the financial services, consulting, valuation, risk management and Infosec disciplines. His previous experience includes leading transformation IT change with organizations from de novo institutions to multi-billion dollar national brands.

Currently Michael is President and Principal Consultant for MAI Technology Solutions, LLC and has completed numerous engagements across many lines of business such as transaction advisory and due diligence, transitional CTO services, infrastructure and IT operating model creation, development management, CISO services, and has led innovation and ideation exercises with multi-national clients.

Michael’s previous experience includes 15 years of C-Level IT leadership within the financial services industry where his range has been architecting a start-up financial institution from scratch, up to providing the technical leadership for one of the largest, most-complex financial institutions in the country. A significant portion of his experience lies within managing the maintenance, governance, and evolution of high-availability critical infrastructure, which under his leadership was rated as best-in-class and set as a model by industry regulation.

As a transformational CTO, Michael has extensive experience building out-of-the-box solutions
leveraging new and emerging technology to address challenges within organizations. Michael is a critical thinker that leads by example and creates rapport with his colleagues and stakeholders by being a servant leader to their success. As a C-Level minded technologist, Michael commonly gives structure, guidance, planning when there seems to be no clear instruction to follow.
Michael’s business acumen as a board level consultant coupled with decades of IT leadership experience gives him a unique skillset that allows him to provide expert-level guidance to current and prospective clients.

As a hands-on IT executive, he not only has led large scale groups but can execute the individual tasks of most contributors under his leadership. Michael is a risk-aware, business-first, IT professional that has a true understanding of value creation through technology in today’s market.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Finance Major / MIS Minor from Northern Kentucky University

  • 20 years of experience managing high-availability, critical infrastructure and applications
  • 15 years of CIO/CISO experience
  • 15 years of transformative leadership experience
  •  15 years of financial performance management experience
  • 12 years of direct development management experience (Application, Web, DB)
  • 16 years of Equipment Leasing Management Experience
  • Implemented and Managed DevSecOps for financial institution on prem, cloud, and mobile development
  • Managed inter-disciplinary teams ranging from 3-150.
  • Expertise in (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC, SOX)
  • Working knowledge of common development frameworks (SDLC, Agile, Agile/Kanban, DevOps, DevSecOps)
  • Experience managing onshore, offshore development teams across multiple continents
  •  Extensive experience with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Azure, AWS
  • Experienced in API Structure and Middleware Applications
  • Experienced in NoCode/LowCode Systems and Automation Platforms (Zapier, Power Automate)
  • Experienced in Building Data Repositories in next-gen environments and reporting tools. (CosmosDB, PowerBI)

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