About Chris Chiappetta

Chris Chiappetta provides a unique combination of leadership, organizational savvy, and entrepreneurial creativity in the equipment finance & leasing industry. Chris has deep expertise in the needs of independent equipment finance companies and banks related to everything from strategic planning and management structure to compliance. Chris has successfully navigated the industry’s life cycle: an equipment lease broker, a lessor, culminating with an exit to a community bank. Chris’s passion for the industry, people, success, and just life, in general, is truly infectious.

In the late 1980’s he co-owned National Machine Tool Financial Corporation (“NMTFC”) and a premier equipment distributorship. Chris honed his marketing skills and the requisite credit and legal acumen to drive originations growth and funding needs. As a result, he morphed from an independent lessor to a portfolio-based enterprise with diversified funding conduits and critical relationships with banks, captives, finance companies, and leading global equipment manufacturers through Chris’s vision and market execution. His decades-long knowledge base, relationships, reputation, and passion drove NMTFC to scale and enabled its successful sale to the 4th largest community bank in Illinois. Following the exit, he then scaled his bank owned leasing company to one of the top 50 US bank owned leasing companies.

Chris over the years has been a member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association since 1994, National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers (now known as AACFB), and the Amnerican Rental Association. Chris spends his free time horseback riding, gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens, and golf. In addition, he has become an active member of the environmental committee serving the Village of Homer Glen, Illinois.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree with a minor in cost accounting from Southern Illinois University.

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