An interview with Master Blender Willy Herrera

Meet world-famous master blender of fine cigars, Willy Herrera. The interview took place at my favorite cigar lounge in the US, Stogies World Famous Cigars in Houston, Texas run by proprietor Jorge Ahued. Willy and his team were at Stogies for a special evening event featuring Willy’s own new blend, Herrera Esteli from Nicaragua. Jorge, and I catch some private time with Willy on this busy evening to hear about Willy’s start and his eventual attachment to Drew Estates, one of the world’s largest fine cigar producers.

Willy Herrera Part 1: From Banking to Cigars

In this video, Willy explains how he ended up in the cigar industry from an improbable start in banking.

Willy Herrera Part 2: How Willy made it to the pinnacle of the premium cigar industry

From a start in a small family owned cigar factory to the top of the industry.

Willy Herrera Part 3: The role of a Master Blender

Willy explains what it takes to be a master blender

Willy Herrera Part 4: Where to find Willy Herrera

How to learn more about Willy