Sandhills Global has been showing up at leasing events for the past couple of years.  Some know who they are or think they have an idea.  Well, same with me.  Today we clear up the question of who and what Sandhills Global is and why we should care.  Sandhills has been known for the print publications like Truck Paper, Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, and a lot of others.  But so what? Simply put, Sandhills Global has been working to become a significant disrupter in the core of Equipment Leasing & Finance - equipment resale price optimization and valuation analysis.

Sandhills Global is a prime example of a company morphing from a low-tech to high-tech business model in terms of asset valuations and remarketing of assets and now doing something with all of the data gathered along the way. 

Part 1: What is Sandhills Global?

Part 2:  From classified print ads to big data?

Part 3: Sandhills Value Prop

Part 4: The impact of disruption!

Part 5: What’s next for Sandhills?

Part 6   Wrapping your mind around Sandhills Global.

Mitch Helman

Mitch Helman

Scott Lubischer