Scott Nelson, Ph.D., President, and Chief Digital Officer, of Tamarack Technology Inc., provides Leasing Avenues with the state of artificial intelligence in the equipment leasing and finance industry. From AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to how they can be implemented now, Scott explains how even small lessors can realize substantial benefits. Spoiler Alert: it is now affordable and feasible to implement in under a year.

If you do not understand what AI is or its applicability to our industry, you will want to watch all five short segments of the video interview with Scott.      

Part 1: Introduction to Scott and Tamarack Technology

Part 2: What are we talking about when we discuss AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Part 3: So, what’s the big deal?

Part 4: Practical examples of applicability for independent lessors desiring to scale

Part 5: The Money Question and Conclusion

Scott Nelson, Ph.D.

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