Paul Gass - An Interview with a true pioneer of the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Paul, the original founder of Eaton Financial, is one of the most interesting people in our industry. Eaton was one of the very first to pioneer the small ticket leasing business along with creating the unique tools required some 40 years ago.  Paul was and is a tireless advocate for the disadvantaged and for championing many causes, from diversity in the workplace, founding of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation and extensive philanthropy. In this series of short videos, we take a look at just a few of the highlights of Paul Gass’s remarkable career.  Trust me, there could easily be a dozen more segments of the very interesting and engaging life of Paul Gass.  There is much anyone can learn from Paul.

Paul Gass – Introduction

This video will give you a sense for Paul and set the stage for the following segments.

Paul discusses how he started Eaton with an idea to fill a void in the equipment leasing industry

Paul Gass – Starting Eaton Financial

How does one start something from nothing when there wasn’t a roadmap! Paul discusses how he started Eaton with an idea to fill a void in the equipment leasing industry

Without a road map, challenges were expected but what were some of them

Paul Gass – Challenges

Learn about Paul’s philosophy on dealing with challenges

Ever wonder how application only credit decisioning started?

Paul Gass – Innovation

Wonder no longer!

In an era and an industry which was unquestionably male-dominated Paul blazed new territory well ahead of his time.

Paul Gass – Diversity Pioneer

Learn why many of Paul’s key employees were women.

Paul had an idea about leasing education and fostering research in the industry then put his money to work in making it a reality

Paul Gass – Founding the EL&F Foundation

Learn how the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation got its start.

Paul sees another need to help those with disabilities gain entry into the workplace.

Paul Gass – Help For Those With Disabilities

Hear about how Paul engaged with the Advocates, a non-profit that champions people who face developmental, mental health, or other life challenges.

We sum it all up in this segment, but we could have gone on for hours.

Paul Gass – Final Thoughts

Get some parting words of wisdom.  Do you have some questions for Paul, please comment or contact us and we will try to get Paul to answer them.

Paul Gass

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