What could be revolutionary in Cigars?  

Michael Giannini that’s what!  

This video series is less about cigars but rather, rebranding and rethinking old products.  Michael Giannini, the head of Ventura Cigar Company, explains his way of envisioning cigars that will appeal to the next generation. As they say, this is not your father’s Buick!  Michael’s Ventura Cigar Company is nothing like what you would expect of the old-line cigar manufacturers that we 50+ somethings are familiar.  Well, there is a whole new group behind us that is accumulating some wealth and discretionary spending capability.  They are looking for something different in their purchases – they want an experience!  Yes, even in cigars!  Enter Michael Giannini and Ventura Cigars to fill that vacuum.

Part 1: Bob introduces you to Michael Giannini of Ventura Cigars

Michael talks about how a first-generation American kid, from an Italian family, washing pots in an Italian restaurant ends up in the tobacco industry.  He is one of the most colorful interesting individuals I have ever met!

Part 2: From Philly, to Miami, to LA.

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit leads him to Miami and mentor under hall of fame cigar master, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, of La Gloria Cubana and then head of innovation for General Cigars. Then Michael takes a year off that accidentally led him to his newest opportunity – Ventura Cigars.

Part 3: Michael talks about his blending & branding philosophy

Michael talks about what his blending philosophy is all about and how he envisioned his new award-winning lineup – Archetype. He tells about combining a story, a great product, and branding.

Part 4: Michael, being a chef, talks about the similarities of flavor profiles he used in blending his Archetype cigars with those used in cooking.

Envisioning a product includes a story, a great product, great artwork/branding to create an experience.

Michael talks about flavor profiles and how he combines them to create the Archetype cigar brands – Dream State, Sage Advice, Strange Passage, and Axis Mundi.  Each of these cigars combines a flavor profile that matches its name, includes a story, and artwork & branding that ties it all together.  That is DIFFERENT!    Archetype cigars are widely available, comes in multiple sizes, and are very affordable at under $12 per cigar.

Part 5: Blaze Cigar Lounge & Bar in the Cincinnati area – is a must visit location when you visit Cincinnati.

Michael and I give kudos to Blaze Cigar Lounge and Bar located across the river from downtown Cincinnati in Newport, Kentucky for hosting us.  He also talks about a young woman, Indiana Cortez, who is a rising cigar master in the cigar industry and her blend – PSyko Seven Nicaragua.