Craft Distilling? Meet Heritage Distilling Company

During a recent business trip to visit Mintaka Financial and Orion First in Seattle, I stayed at an Inn next to a very interesting and surprising craft distillery, the Heritage Distilling Company.  Heritage Distilling is located in the quaint bucolic neighborhood of Gig Harbor, Washington. My curiosity compelled me to make a visit.  Talk about a surprise. Sure, I have heard of craft distilleries but not that many and even fewer have I visited.  Keep in mind, I consider myself a bit of a bourbon snob where only real bourbon is made in Kentucky and aged a considerable amount of time in oak barrels. But I am open-minded enough to at least listen and sample.  Good thing, since Heritage Distilling Company is one of the most highly awarded craft distilleries in the nation, which is especially notable given, they are less than 10 years in existence and started by a young entrepreneurial and dedicated couple.

Part 1: Bob meets with Max Gorman, the head distiller of Heritage Distilling Company, in the Seattle suburb of Gig Harbor

Max describes the history of Heritage from a startup to a distillery that has won many awards already and creating a lot of buzz in a short 7 years.

Part 2: Max explains the impetus for allowing craft distilling to emerge.

This is a short discussion about the methods that Heritage Distilling played the distilling game a bit differently.

Part 3: Not only is Heritage young, so are its employees which is completely contra to the whole distilling business

Passion and Commitment trumps age even in a century-old industry.  Listen up to see a real-world example of the application of this new paradigm. I think every organization can relate to or learn something from this example.

Part 4: The tortured wait is over, time to taste the goods!  Up first, Elk Rider Bourbon

Bob’s Review of

Elk Rider Bourbon – This is a very light yet tasty bourbon. I enjoyed the complex flavor with no burn making it even, well, refreshing. This is a great bourbon for those that are just starting out or serious bourbon drinkers who do not want something too heavy later in the evening.  Great floral notes combined with a little smokiness reminiscent of a light scotch. Bottom line – Get a bottle! Well worth the $45.

Part 5: Up next! The internationally, award-winning BSB (brown sugar bourbon), a surprise, and BSB 103

The BSB bourbons make a phenomenal after dinner cordial or to use in baking.  The BSB 103 is a higher proof of the base BSB and would be for those traditional bourbon drinkers looking for that strength of character for which bourbon is known.  BSB and BSB 103 are very accessible as they are both under $40 a bottle. So, BSB and BSB 103 are a MUST TRY.  I understand now why Heritage was voted “World’s Best Flavoured Whisky” for the second consecutive year at 2019 Whisky Magazine’s World Whiskies Awards in London

Part 6: Wrapping up! So if you want to check out where to get some of Heritage Distilling Company’s award-winning bourbons, you will want to watch this!