Arnaldo Rodriguez - Video Interview with Arnaldo Rodriguez, a trailblazer in opening up new leasing markets in Latin America.  Arnaldo is President of CSI Leasing the largest independent technology equipment lessor of its kind.

One of the objectives of Leasing Avenues is to bring you real-time interviews with fascinating people that through sheer force of will, passion and intellect defy the status quo and create something new!  Arnaldo Rodriguez is one of those people.  Arnaldo dramatically expanded the FMV technology leasing market into Mexico and throughout almost all of Latin America.

Part 1:  Introduction to Arnaldo Rodriguez, President of CSI Leasing

Arnaldo provides us with a prelude to how this whole thing started in the first place, from a US business start to Mexico.

Part 2:  State of FMV leasing in Mexico

Part 3:  After Mexico?

Part 4: Challenges along the way & Conclusion


Arnaldo Rodriguez

Arnaldo Rodriguez Bio